“Stranger Things” Review


I’ve had Netflix’s new show “Stranger Things” on my queue since it came out but I only got to watching it two days ago and I have to say I was not disappointed. I binged the entire series within a day, it was so addictive. The plot revolves around a group of dorky tween boys in the 1980’s; when one of their friends mysteriously disappears one night all sorts of weird shit happens. The boys find a weird little girl in the woods with telepathic powers, there is a questionable research facility, the missing boy’s mother begins to sense that her son is somehow trying to communicate with her through electricity, and a freaky monster is out for blood. This sci-fi piece of gold is not only reminiscent of some of the greatest 80’s flicks but also harbors a timeless appeal of mystery, suspense, and wonder that made me feel like a kid again. If you are not hooked by the first 20 minutes of the pilot, something is wrong with you. This show feels like more of an 8 hour long movie than a tv series, definitely binge-worthy and packs a killer opening theme.





Top 15 TV Shows of 2015

To go along with the last post it’s now time for TV shows! We are currently in a golden age for television which is awesome for bingers like me. Prominent on the list are surprisingly CW shows, I know surprising, considering that the CW has also been responsible for some of the worst more recent shows (e.g. Star-Crossed, Melrose Place, The Tomorrow People, etc.). What has really upped the CW’s game are their DC Comics shows (Arrow, The Flash, and soon to be Legends of Tomorrow). So here’s my list of the top 15 shows of the year…

15. Limitless


I was particularly shocked that this show turned out to be good, considering I fell asleep at the movie theater watching the movie it was based on. However the premise is far more enjoyable and fun thanks to the chemistry between the two leads: Jake McDorman and Jennifer Carpenter. Sure Bradley Cooper pops in every once and while, but the true great parts of this show are the smart plot lines.

14. Game of Thrones


I was never actually a fan of this show initially, I found the plot lines way too hard to keep up with and all the weird names and gratuitous nudity was a little too much for me. However the show’s most recent season gave some better stories and some truly masterful episodes. Yeah Jon Snow is dead but he was a little too whiny anyway.

13. Arrow


Arrow finished its last season on not a super high note in my opinion, the last season was weaker than its second. However this fall Arrow came back with an interesting premise and a very shocking twist in it’s premiere. We’ve gotten a look at the new spin-off and they had a fun episode guest-starring Constantine (who I hope they bring back). Arrow (or should I say the Green Arrow) is finally returning to form, and Stephen Amell has given way more in depth performances this season.

12. The Flash


The Flash had a fantastic first season and an amazing finale, and this second season has also been almost equally entertaining. We got a new freaky villain in Zoom, and a whole new array of Meta humans thanks to the whole Earth 2 thing. Keep it coming Flash.

11. Hannibal


Damn was I sad when NBC announced they were canceling Hannibal after only three seasons. Hannibal was one of those shows, while it didn’t last long it gained a loyal cult following and it was consistently good. Each episode was visually stunning and amazingly acted. Mads Mikkelsen is chilling in his performance as Hannibal Lector. I wish it could have gone on but it went out with a bang.

10. Supernatural


Sam and Dean are back. Again. For the eleventh year. I think that alone shows that Supernatural has been consistently good throughout its run. Always entertaining and full of bigger and bigger enemies to defeat, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have given viewers two of the most lovable characters ever (but mainly Dean, Sam is a bit of a buzzkill).

9. IZombie


The CW has done it again, IZombie is weirdly a great idea. Thank you to Rob Thomas who we all love for bringing Veronica Mars to life. This time he has gifted us with another short, witty blonde, Rose McIver (who is absolutely terrific). Fun twist on zombies and crime solving, IZombie is definitely worth binging on Netflix ASAP.

8. The 1oo


Yes one more CW show, what can I say they’ve had a killer two years. The 100 returned for its second season early in the year and will be coming back in less than a month for season 3. The show follows a group of teens in the future who come down from space to see if Earth is still inhabitable (chaos and conspiracy ensues…). This last season we got more of a glimpse of what was out there on the mysterious dilapidated Earth with some complicated character development and new relationships. The 100 is a great show.

7. Marvel’s Daredevil


Finally now when we think of Daredevil we no longer have to be scarred by the thought of Ben Affleck’s dreadful version. Instead we have the wonderful Charlie Cox, who brought great depth and intrigue to the character and finally did some justice to the beloved Marvel hero. Fisk was a fantastic villain and Netflix did an awesome job. Go Marvel.

6. Scream Queens


Scream Queens was pretty underrated during the first half of its run, however people soon got on the SQ train as soon as they realized how fucking hilarious it is. I was a fan from the first episode, Jamie Lee Curtis is an absolute queen as is the wonderfully bitchy Emma Roberts. And let’s just take a second to appreciate the best part of the show: Glen Powell who gave us CHAD RADWELL. Oh and also Bille Lourd’s earmuffs as a cute reference to her Momma Princess Leia. Great writing, a fantastic cast, Scream Queens better be renewed for another season, especially after that god awful AHS season we’ve had this fall.

5. The Affair


The Affair’s second season gave us a deeper look into the complex lives of Noah, Alison, Helen, and Cole. Who killed Scotty? Well we finally find out in the season finale. This amazing show is told from four totally different perspectives which offer a refreshing look at human nature. Deadly good and plenty of drama, The Affair is easily one of the best shows of the year.

4. Fargo


It was hard to top Fargo’s first season, however the second season came back with even more blood, weirdness, and good old Minnesotan accents. Kirsten Dunst played a super crazy psychopathic 1970’s hairdresser, but somehow was able to make viewers root for her till the end. Wildly entertaining, you know Fargo’s next season is to be equally as good as its predecessors.

3. Outlander


I just love Outlander so much. I just discovered it when it began its second half of its first season and boy did I binge. Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have undeniable chemistry and this period drama has some of the best acting and story lines on television. Tobias Menzies is absolutely terrifying in his role of the villainous Jack Randall. I think women around the world agree, going back in time to a shitty time period is totally worth it when you land straight into the arms of Jamie Fraser.

2. Mr. Robot


Rami Malek totally nails it in his portrayal of the awkward, paranoid, morphine-dependant hacker Elliot in Mr. Robot. I had heard how great the show was so I finally decided to check it out and I was blown away from the first episode. Great acting and thrilling plot lines make Mr. Robot a must-see.

1. Marvel’s Jessica Jones


Here we are finally at number one: Jessica Jones. After the world got to see Daredevil and how amazing it was, high hopes were placed on Jessica Jones. And it did not disappoint. I watched the entire season in the 24 hour period after it was released. Krysten Ritter as the alcoholic super-strong P.I. gave us an undeniably fantastic performance. She KILLED it. Jones’ complicated romance with Luke Cage, David Tennant’s performance as the psychotic Kilgrave, and great writing make Jessica Jones the best show of 2015.

There you have it, there’s my list. 2015 was an amazing year for television. Feel free to comment and let me know if  you think there were any shows I missed or any that deserve an honorable mention. Happy New Year! May 2016 gift us with even more binge-worthy shows.



Best of 2011

   So this week I’ve decided to dedicate some posts to the best of 2011. Mainly things like best actors, best movies, best albums/artists, best dressed, etc. Also I’m planning on doing a Nora’s favoroite things post, inspired by Oprah’s past annual shows. Personally, I can’t wait for this year to be over because I’m definitely ready for a fresh start. But no matter how many bad things happened this year, I’m tryna look at the positive things…so my first Best of post will be best movies, me being a total movie fanatic…Let me know which ones you think I’ve missed.

Best Movies of 2011:


Blue Valentine

The Help

Ides of March

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

X-Men: First Class

The Descendants

The Artist

Season Finale of Dexter Nearing…

            One of my all-time favorite shows, is Showtime’s Dexter. It’s about a man (Michael C. Hall) who suffered an extremely traumatic incident as a child and witnessed, along with his older brother, the gruesome murder of their mother. Since then, Dexter had been adopted by a police officer and his family. Unfortunately, the event caused Dex some permanent damage. He suffers from what he calls a dark passenger. See, Dexter likes to kill people. He is a serial killer. He works at Miami Metro Police Dept. as a blood spatter analyst. Dexter however, is not like normal serial killers, he only kills murderers. And no ones better at killing than him. His method is flawless and his background in crime investigation lets him know how to cover his tracks, and quite successfully. Anyway, Dexter, while being extremely dark, and disturbed, has this lovable awkwardness about him. He’s so funny to watch. The show would be defined as a dramatic, dark, satire. Every season, Dexter faces off with one main serial killer, whom in the end, always ends up in Dex’s kill room. Each episode keeps you intrigued and excited for the next one. This season, which I find is one of the better ones in a while, Dexter is trying to snag the doomsday killer, who is a psychotic guy who kills people and sets their bodies up to copy parts of the bible. Extremely disturbing but so fascinating. In the last episode, you learn a twist about the killer, which totally throws you in a loop. Even I wasn’t expecting it. This show is good shit. Watch it if you don’t already.

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