My Top 10 Movies of 2015

There’s only a few days left of this year so I thought I’d go over my favorite films of this year. 2015 was a year full of blockbuster hits, however not all of them made my list (**cough**Jurassic World**cough**)…

10. Spy


Spy was one of those movies that you don’t expect to be anything more than a silly comedy used to pass a couple of hours. However it turned out to be brutally entertaining and Melissa McCartney restored my faith in her after that awful Identity Thief film from last year. Great writing and humor, and Jason Statham really stole the show for me.

9. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


Tom Cruise doin Tom Cruise. The dude is always pushing his limits and this MI went farther than ever. Lots of fun action, interesting story, and complex characters made this film almost as good as MI3 (which in my opinion was highly underrated).

8. Trainwreck


Amy Schumer won over just about everyone this year. Trainwreck was a smart comedy about a woman struggling to grow up and Schumer is positively hilarious and unbelievably lovable in this raunchy flick.

7. Ant-Man


I’ll be the first to admit I had very far from high hopes for Ant-Man. However, Marvel proved they can create a fun and enjoyable film from even the lamest sounding superheroes. Quips, quips, and more quips, except this time we have Paul Rudd so expect 10 times more quipping.

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron


Speaking of the Gods of quippers: The fucking Avengers! (sorry Steve, I’ll try to watch my language). Fun movie, made a gazillion bucks, of course this film was gonna make the list.

5. Kingsman: The Secret Service


Two Words: Colin Firth. A refreshing take on the spy genre, that has enough humor and wit to make up for James Bond’s lack there of.

4. The Martian


Matt Damon finally gets his chance to play a real Astronaut who is not a super dick (I’m talking to you Interstellar). The Martian was emotional and Damon proved once again that he is one of the best actors in Hollywood.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road


Based on its visual effects alone, Mad Max is highly considered one of the best films of the year. Miller took forever to finish this film but the final product was totally worth it. Charlize Theron slays all and while Tom Hardy only says about three full words throughout the film, his grunts are Oscar-worthy…lol just kidding about that last part, but Hardy is cool nonetheless.

2. Ex-Machina


This movie gave me absolute chills. It was artfully filmed and provided an eery look towards the future of AI technology. It also provided us with one of the biggest young breakout stars of the year: Alicia Vikander. The Swedish beauty is already set to star in a number of huge films to come and has been nominated for two Golden Globes (most likely an Oscar too) for her outstanding work.



Come on did you expect anything else?? I feel like this was a pretty obvious choice, given its the biggest film in the last decade. If not for just the sentimental factor alone, the Force Awakens brought back the universe we all know and love (from the original trilogy anyway). I think we are all just grateful we no longer have to watch Hayden Christensen struggle to act anymore, and for that we thank you JJ.


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