Mad Max: Fury Road Review


I know its been out for some time now but I just got around to watching this movie. And lemme just say it waaay exceeded my expectations. I’ve been waiting for years for this flick to come out cuz they apparently had some issues with production or something so the release got delayed for a while. George Miller brought this insane post-apocalyptic world to life. Tom Hardy was amazing as usual, Charlize was a whole new level of badass. What i loved most about this film is that there’s very little dialogue so you can just sit back and enjoy the amazing visual effects and the awesome action & violence. Nothing about this movie or the world it takes place in will bore you for a second: The crazy steampunky vehicles, Nicholas Hoult as a ‘half-life’ with a death wish, and the fact that the bad guys have a fucking band playing on one of the trucks that looks like a float straight out of a nightmarish Five Finger Death Punch parade. Truly a masterpiece, 10/10, definitely go see it in theaters or IMAX or some shit though cuz a TV just won’t do this film any justice.


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