My 52 Hours in Portland

      Well, let me just say I was hoping to enjoy my short two days here in Portland, getting all my things and being able to relax in my own space, however I ended up having a pretty shit time. Reminded me why I left to begin with. Anyway, I leave today, thank god, so here’s a little brief overview of my time here…

Burger for Brunch at some place I don’t remember the name of downtown Portland. Super fucking portlandy tho: Burger with gruyere cheese, avocados, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, weird tasting pickles, and a side of herb fries w/ basil aioli…Not bad but since there was no food at my house I took home the fries so I could later eat those for dinner.


Later that night, I finally got to wear my beautiful doc’s after four months of being apart. It was an emotional moment for me. Those boots make me.

I look like a Disney princess, right? Well I got bored and found some of my mom’s old dresses from the 80’s so I played a little dress up…(btw please ignore the cat shaped toilet paper holder in the background, my only full length mirror is in my bathroom facing the toilet, so I can enjoy my own company while I’m peeing. Don’t judge.)

Pretty itchy, but it has a nice vintage chic look to it with the whole long sleeve paired with the drop-waist. I felt pretty chic.

My final meal in Portland: of course, my New Season’s noodles; noodles with zucchini, squash, mushrooms, baby corn, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, all covered in my favorite peanut sauce with a side of rice so I could again have extra food for a meal later in the night since, no edible food resides in my kitchen.


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