Summer Movie Reviews

Oh hey there readers, so I saw a lot of movies this summer with my boyfriend, so I decided to just do all the reviews at once and hopefully it can help you decide whether or not you should waste your time with one.

Also, my brain’s too fried to put these in chronological order so just deal with it.

Prometheus: B+

Pros: Cool movie, really fucking creepy but the storyline fucks with you and you ask yourself: hey, were humans made by huge scary aliens? Perhaps. Gross face huggers that make you cringe, but I love gory stuff so it was awesome. Nostalgic of the Alien movies, good prequelish shit.

Cons: Not enough violence.

Magic Mike: A

Pros: Super hilarious movie. Matthew Mcconaughey was fabulous and I never like him, but he was truly great and so funny. Plus it wasn’t just about pretty guys dancing naked, it actually was made well, probably because it was directed by Steven Soderbergh. But anyway, I highly recommend it. Channing Tatum is a fantastic dancer, and just really fun to look at. Boyfriends out there, watch this with your girlfriend, she’ll be grateful.

Cons: Non.

The Amazing Spiderman: D

Pros: Andrew Garfield made some funny jokes.

Cons: Lame story line, was not completely accurate. I like Tobey better. They haven’t waited long enough for a reboot, it’s pointless. I hated it. So much. They ruined Spiderman for me, and I’m a huge comic book. Fuck you guys.

The Dark Knight Rises: A

Pros: Extremely well done, good story line, pretty badass movie, it was super epic, and had some twists. Michael Caine was wonderful as usual. And it was a great ending which opens up a lot of possibilities for future movies. I was crushing on Tom Hardy as Bane, he totally stole the show, sorry Christian.

Cons: Not enough scenes with Batman, Bane wasn’t portrayed very accurately from the comic. 

The Campaign: C-

Pros: Zach Galifinakis was funny and kind of flamboyant.

Cons: Too much political satire, and I hate politics so I didn’t follow. The only funny parts were shown in its trailer, so pretty disappointing,


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