Season Finale of Dexter Nearing…

            One of my all-time favorite shows, is Showtime’s Dexter. It’s about a man (Michael C. Hall) who suffered an extremely traumatic incident as a child and witnessed, along with his older brother, the gruesome murder of their mother. Since then, Dexter had been adopted by a police officer and his family. Unfortunately, the event caused Dex some permanent damage. He suffers from what he calls a dark passenger. See, Dexter likes to kill people. He is a serial killer. He works at Miami Metro Police Dept. as a blood spatter analyst. Dexter however, is not like normal serial killers, he only kills murderers. And no ones better at killing than him. His method is flawless and his background in crime investigation lets him know how to cover his tracks, and quite successfully. Anyway, Dexter, while being extremely dark, and disturbed, has this lovable awkwardness about him. He’s so funny to watch. The show would be defined as a dramatic, dark, satire. Every season, Dexter faces off with one main serial killer, whom in the end, always ends up in Dex’s kill room. Each episode keeps you intrigued and excited for the next one. This season, which I find is one of the better ones in a while, Dexter is trying to snag the doomsday killer, who is a psychotic guy who kills people and sets their bodies up to copy parts of the bible. Extremely disturbing but so fascinating. In the last episode, you learn a twist about the killer, which totally throws you in a loop. Even I wasn’t expecting it. This show is good shit. Watch it if you don’t already.


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