Versace for H&M Countdown

     Ten days til Versace opens up her collection for H&M. How many of you guys are planning on going? I know my sister and her friends are about to wake up at the crack of dawn to stand in line for hours just to be some of the first people to get their hands on the clothes. So is it really worth it? My opinion, not really. I’m not a huge fan of Versace, I think her clothes are a bit loud and tacky. I saw the collection and was like ok, some of the stuff is nice, but still not that cheap and I don’t see anything I want so I’m not down to go. I did however go to Jimmy Choo for H&M a couple years ago. I waited for like two hours and by the time I got to see any of the stuff, they didn’t have my size in any of the shoes, but I still managed to grab a purse and a few studded bracelets. So for me, Choo was worth it. On the other hand, H&M’s designer lines are always pretty expensive and range in the hundreds of dollars price, whereas Target has been providing high-end designers for a number of years and has the best price. I bought two Alexander McQueen shirts for only 20 bucks each, and about three times a year they have awesome collections at the perfect price.

Here’s a look at a few of the nicer things in Versace’s H&M collection:

Silk Dress, $199

Silk dress, $149

Leather jacket, $299

Blazer, $149


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